Etheric Oil Roller - Clear Quartz

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Our beautiful Clear Quartz Essential Oil Roller is ideal for aromatherapy with natural oils. The roller bottle has a roller ball of high quality Clear Quartz with which you apply the oil to different pulse points of the body. The power of the fragrance oil that you add yourself is energetically strengthened by loose Clear Quartz stones in the bottle.

The Clear Quartz Crystals not only have healing properties, but also a positive influence on our emotional well-being.

Fill the roller bottle with your favourite oil, which takes over the valuable properties of the Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz dissolves energetic blockades, optimises the energy flow, strengthens the self-healing capacity and gives clarity and self-knowledge.

  • Content: 15 ml
  • Material: refillable glass bottle with Rhinestone stones and a Rhinestone screw cap
  • Contains: glass bottle, Clear Quartz roller ball and loose Clear Quartz stones
  • 100% natural with no artificial additives

Please note! This Essential Oil Roller is supplied without essential oil. Do you want a Roller with oil that you can use immediately? View our filled Perfume Rollers.

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Make your favourite oil blend in this Essential Oil Roller and work with the healing power of Clear Quartz.

Clear Quartz is a detoxifying stone and converts negative energy into positive energy. It brings balance to body and mind. Clear Quartz increases your consciousness and strengthens your self-healing capacity.

The roller bottle has a roller ball of Clear Quartz with which you apply the oil to various pulse points of the body. The power of the fragrance oil is energetically strengthened by loose Clear Quartz stones in the bottle. Our bottles are easy to refill.

Characteristics of Clear Quartz

Resolves energetic blockages
Optimises energy flow
Reinforces self-healing capacity
Clarity and self-knowledge

NOTE: The Crystals are natural products and may vary in colour and shape.


Glass roller bottle 15 ml
Small Clear Quartz stones
Clear Quartz roller ball
Luxury gift box

Product specifications

Dimensions of the bottle: 13 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm
Bottle capacity: 15 ml
Weight of bottle: 55 grams
Material glass: soda lime glass
Material cap: inside: polypropylene outside: aluminium

Operating instructions

Take the bottle out of the packaging
Unscrew the cap from the bottle
Remove the roller ball from the bottle
Add your favourite essential oil blend
Place the roller ball back on the bottle
Shake the bottle well before use
The Clear Quartz stones ensure a good mixture of the oils
Apply the fragrance oil with the Clear Quartz roller ball to your wrists and/or behind your ears
After application rub your wrists together and inhale the aroma deeply
Experience the power of aromatherapy!


Place your essential oil roller in a cool place and out of direct sunlight, or carry it in your handbag or pocket. You can also place the luxury roller on your dressing table or bedside table, as they look beautiful as a decoration.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Our fragrance oil rollers are all designed for occasional use by a healthy adult. Only 0.5 to 3% of essential oil in the base oil is suitable for babies, infants and young children, and therefore our rollers may be too strong for use by children or pets.

CAUTION: As with all essential oil products, you should seek medical advice during pregnancy.

Essential oils may cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to them. Stop using essential oils in case of irritation or discomfort of the skin, stomach and respiratory tract. Essential oils must never be applied to the eyes and/or ear canals.

A unique gift!

The Clear Quartz Essential Oil Roller is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to be full of positive energy and clarity in life. Because of the luxurious design of the bottle and packaging, handing over the perfume roller is already a unique experience. At Positivity Shop all products have a powerful intention and energetic effect, so you give not only a beautiful but also a meaningful gift. With this you can inspire someone (or yourself) and help them to get everything out of life.


Using the products from Positivity Shop is at your own responsibility. Energetic Crystal and aromatherapy can contribute to the reduction of health problems. It is not a replacement for medication. If you have medical complaints, always contact your doctor.


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